“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” ~Matthew 5:4

The names of parishioners who have died are in bold:
Those Who Died in 2021
January 1       John Stencel, brother of Joe Stencel
January 9       Gabriella Marchetti
January 11      Bonnie Petroni, mother of Alyson Lawrence
                        Dolores Soler, mother of Peter Soler
January 24      Robert Noonan Sr. father of Robert Noonan
January 26      Rose Haggerty, wife of Joseph, mother of Rose Ann
January 31      Joseph Haggerty, husband of Rose, father of Rose Ann
January 31      Benny Genovesi, father of Margaret Bauer
February 2      Carmen Verderosa, cousin of Joe Skupien
February 11    Catherine Carr, mother of Barbara
February 12    Brandon Russo, nephew of Pam Mayewski
February 15    Paul Keyes, father of Tim Keyes
March 8          Theodore Magnani, father of Ted Magnani
March 15        Karlo Chendak, father of Monica Spaulding 
March 18       Joseph Francis Vazzano, father of Joe Vazzano
April 6            Josephine Harless, mother of Doug Harless
April 9            John Brew, father of Colleen Sozio
April 9            Aleph Estevez, brother in law of Bianca Gonzalez
April 15          Michael Liskowitz, son of John and Freda
April 24          Mattie Pimenta, mother of Sean Pimenta
April 25          Nellie Bubrow, mother of Linda Pierson
April 27          Edwina Voit, mother of Anne Marie DeMarco
April 28          Robert Schick, father of Valerie Smith
April 30          James J. Robinson
May 1            Trudy Remsen
May 18          Florence Kern
May 27         Owen McCluskey, father of Maura Gonzalez
May 29         Jim Reid, husband of Hannah
June 9          Michalean Dameo, mother of Rand
June 15        Cecelia Ghazi, mother of John
June 22        Marjorie Wood, mother of Janet Church
June 23        Donald Heil, father of Steve
July 6           Enrica Caparros, mother of Mary Ann Viloria
July 13         Walter Fenyk, husband of Rita
July 16         Roger Schonewald, husband of Viola
July 23         Beatriz Aspiazu Montgomery, mother of Antoinette Brooke
July 25         Ann Fonzi, aunt of Camille Sinclair
July 30         Dawn Orecchio, mother of Janeen Conforti
August 8      Anitica Figueroa,mother of Ana Sauthoff
August 10    Eleanor Conforti, mother of Mark Conforti
August 11    Margaret Irwin, Mother of Dave Irwin
August 11    Frank DeLuca, husband of Sultana
August 11    Adrienne Beattie, sister of Kevin O’Brien
August 22    Charles Heitzmann
August 25    Edward J. Molnar, father of Mark Molnar
September 9     Rosemarie Giambra, mother of Michael Giambra
September 18   Raymond Sohmer, husband of Kim
September 30   Margaret “Peggy” Lamb
October 13        Fran Scheske, sister of Richard Kocinski
October 15        Sylivia Lozano, mother of Juan, grandmother of Tyler and Jonathan
November 6      Nancy Knipe
November 7      Kathleen DiPaola, wife of Tony
November 10    Mary Rose Weiland
November 11    Luisa Mosconi, mother of Stella Hickok
December 2     Patricia O’Brien, mother of Kevin & Susan




























Pray for all of them, and their families.

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