“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” ~Matthew 5:4

The names of parishioners who have died are in bold:

January 3   Peter Augello, cousin of Chris Tuday
January 4   Kay Evans, sister of Steve Esser
January 5   Patricia Scheidnagel, wife of John Scheidnagel
January 6   Sydney Pretto, mother of Debra Sudol
January 11 Rosemary Forrey
January 22 Jacqueline Bettick, Aunt of Chris Tuday
January 23 Dorothy Charbonnet, Aunt of  Kathleen Mandzij
January 26  Marie Forish, wife of Joe
February 4  Ann Compton
February 9  Gordon Wiegmann, father of Barry
February 9  Helen Flower, mother of Michael
February 11 Charles Pepe, husband of Hope
February 14 James Cuny, husband of Barb, father of Sharon Howard
February 14 Michael J. Scrudato, Father of Mike
February 20 Ann McCaffrey, aunt of John McCaffrey
March 1    Christopher Vincelette, Jr.
March 2    Libby Kornberg, mother of David Kornberg
March 14  Clara Vaccarro
March 20  John Henry Sands, grandfather of Marcus Sands
March 27  Mark Ives
March 27  Ena Swain, mother of Brian Swain

April 1       David Lowell, father of Annie Pace
April 3       Nora Lynch, mother of Kevin Lynch
April 3       Vida Mylson, mother of Denyce Mylson
April 3       Joan O’Connor
April 17     Marcia (Jo) Molnar, mother of Mark Molnar
April 22     Elizabeth Garabedian, mother of Peggy Smith
April 23     Joseph Lombardo
April 23     Clare Zawol, Aunt of Vikki Lombardo
April 25     Dolores Colarusso, mother of Mary Giordano
April 28     John Byrne, father of Nancy Connolly
April 30     Sylvia Mundy, mother of Jill Pemberton
May 2        Ed Masessa, father of Mark Masessa
May 4       Jose Orlando Mattia, father of Melissa Lister
May 4       Anne Lugg, mother of Catherine Lugg
May 5       Mary Jean McLaughlin, mother of Mark McLaughlin
May 6       Jack Taylor, cousin of Msgr. Malovetz
May 7       Albert A. Selinka, father of Jim Selinka
May 10     Margaret Mende
May 13     Eugene Kurowski, father of Mike Kurowski
May 18     Abraham Perez, father of Gloria Epp
May 25     Jeannette Lennox, mother of Jeanine Reilly
May 27     Sam Sartorio, father of Tony Sartorio
May 30     Denise Byrnes-Paprota, mother of Kathleen Kartsonis
June 5      Frances McCaffrey, mother of John McCaffrey
June 10    Lynne Beaumont, mother of Denise Fuzak

June 11   
Adolph Freda, brother of Bob Freda
June 16    Marge Cosentino, wife of Lou
June 30    Donna Hahn, mother of Julie Drobits
July 13     Ryan Boccher, son of Donna Kelly
July 19     Elizabeth “Betty” Spaulding, wife of David
July 28     Frank Ryan, husband of Marge
August 9    Dorothy Penelle Monger, mother of Kimberlee Phelan
August 12  Kathleen Payne, sister of Marge Ryan
August 19  Paige Brennan, granddaughter of Howard and Ann Bolt
August 21  Jo-Ann Nehr
September 27 Josefa Condado,  aunt of Victor Velasco
October 8        Jim Dwyer, brother of Patrick
October 20      Eleanor Bauer, aunt of Tyrone Bauer
October 21      Sister William, aunt of Maya James
October 28      Douglas Remsen, son of Trudy Remsen, brother of Michael Remsen
October 30      Ilona Nagy, mother of Zoltan
October 30      Therese Fay, mother of Andrew
November 4     Rosemarie Iati, mother of Frank Iati
November 21   Ida Epp, mother of Richard Epp
November 27   John “Jack” Sherman, husband of Maureen, father of Jacqueline and Matthew
November 30   Winifred Luke, mother of Reginald
December 8    Claire Stanley, mother of Marie Collins
December 13   Joan Forder
December 16   James Feeney, brother of Susan Feeney
December 25   Dennis Cunniff, brother of Mike Cunniff
December 27   Irene Sabol, mother of Mary Elicone
December 27   James Barrett, father of Janet Ottomanelli
December 30   Ann Kenny, mother of Maureen Youreneff
December 30   Howard Bolt, husband of Ann
Those Who Died in 2021
January 1       John Stencel, brother of Joe Stencel
January 9       Gabriella Marchetti
January 11      Bonnie Petroni, mother of Alyson Lawrence
                        Dolores Soler, mother of Peter Soler
January 24      Robert Noonan Sr. father of Robert Noonan
January 26      Rose Haggerty, wife of Joseph, mother of Rose Ann
January 31      Joseph Haggerty, husband of Rose, father of Rose Ann
January 31      Benny Genovesi, father of Margaret Bauer
February 2      Carmen Verderosa, cousin of Joe Skupien
February 11    Catherine Carr, mother of Barbara
February 12    Brandon Russo, nephew of Pam Mayewski
February 15    Paul Keyes, father of Tim Keyes
March 8          Theodore Magnani, father of Ted Magnani
March 15        Karlo Chendak, father of Monica Spaulding 
March 18       Joseph Francis Vazzano, father of Joe Vazzano
April 6            Josephine Harless, mother of Doug Harless
April 9            John Brew, father of Colleen Sozio
April 9            Aleph Estevez, brother in law of Bianca Gonzalez
April 15          Michael Liskowitz, son of John and Freda
April 24          Mattie Pimenta, mother of Sean Pimenta
April 25          Nellie Bubrow, mother of Linda Pierson
April 27          Edwina Voit, mother of Anne Marie DeMarco
April 28          Robert Schick, father of Valerie Smith
April 30          James J. Robinson
May 1            Trudy Remsen
May 18          Florence Kern
May 27         Owen McCluskey, father of Maura Gonzalez
May 29         Jim Reid, husband of Hannah
June 9          Michalean Dameo, mother of Rand
June 15        Cecelia Ghazi, mother of John






















Pray for all of them, and their families.

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