St. Charles is a place of welcome, where we celebrate God’s love for each of us by worshiping together enthusiastically, ministering to each other compassionately and serving together selflessly, always seeking to bring ourselves and those that we serve closer to Jesus.

We are a vibrant community of prayer and song, but also reflection. We are always mindful of being truly present to each other and to those we serve despite our busy lives. We are a community of outreach, ministering to the victims of injustice with the resources God has blessed us with, but we also maintain our focus inward, always mindful of whom we are and what each of us is called to do in the name of Jesus.

As an active participant at Sunday Liturgy and in the daily activities of our Catholic Community, our parish offers you the opportunity to encounter Jesus in many different ways. We experience Christ’s love and presence in our many ministries at St. Charles, through which we feed and nurture each other and the world around us. Whether we are celebrating Mass, serving at a soup kitchen, comforting the grieving, ministering to the sick, forming our children and our adults in faith, building homes, studying scripture or preparing for the sacraments, we understand that everything we do must be focused on bringing Jesus closer by inviting and challenging each other to live our Catholic faith as he taught us.

Whatever your story, you are welcome at St. Charles. We are children and teens; we are adults – single, married, divorced and widowed; we are healthy and sick, perhaps physically or mentally challenged; we are successful and unemployed, lost and renewed, quiet and boisterous. We are not perfect. We are Church.

What is your story? We invite you to join us this weekend for a celebration of God’s love at Mass – because we are not complete without you. Maybe even linger for a few minutes afterward to catch up with old friends, or perhaps meet new ones. For here at St. Charles, we sing to all who join us with joyful voices and sincere hearts:

“All Are Welcome.”