Guatemala Scholarship Fund

The Guatemala Scholarship program, established in 2008 by the Diocese of Metuchen, is an important lifeline for many poor families. The program directly helps 80 students and their families in 7 villages. The scholarship program provides school supplies, books, medicines, and other basic necessities, as well as promotes service to the community and the active participation of parents supporting their children’s education.

There are two tiers of Scholarship:
$360 is a full year for a student in grades 1 thru 9
$600 is a full year for a student in grades 10 thru 12+
Parishes and individuals can offer full or partial sponsorships. Any amount is helpful and 100% goes to Guatemala.

Also, in order to better promote and organize our Guatemala Scholarship program, we are looking for volunteers who would be willing to use their proficiency in Spanish to help with various aspects of this ministry such as translation of letters, welcoming visitors, and possible travel to Guatemala.

Contact: Moira at