Finance Council

Friends of St. Charles Borromeo:

The Advent season traditionally calls us to begin anew, to recommit ourselves, and to focus on hope, love, joy and peace.  With so many challenges now in our community, our country, and our world, Advent beckons.

The first four months of our fiscal year (July through October, 2020) show contributions roughly equal to those from the same period last year.  And with continuing cost containment efforts, we are at breakeven or slightly positive through four months this fiscal year, with year-to-date contributions equivalent to year-to-date expenses.

We are grateful for the contributions of our parishioners, and as well contributions from our ‘virtual parishioners’ who have moved away.  They remain connected with us online through virtual Masses, YOUTUBE Advent Vespers and weekly reflections, podcasts, Flocknotes and our website.  370 families now regularly contribute through Faith Direct, while many other families consistently contribute, weekly/monthly, in person and by mail.

The St. Charles Borromeo Christmas collection is important and necessary for us to manage expenses related to staff, ministries, building, and our diocesan assessment.  Please be as generous as you are able to be, knowing that your contributions are the sole source of our income.  Note that in addition to recurring contributions, Faith Direct can be used by anyone at any time, for one-time gifts (see; our parish code is NJ103).

We all take pride with the tremendous accomplishments of Monsignor Malovetz and our parish staff, leading and supporting our parish community.  And while this particular year has been filled with so many operational challenges stemming from the pandemic, we are proud of the resilience and creativity they have demonstrated, including their tireless efforts to keep us connected.  We continue to be blessed with their presence at St. Charles.

To all of our parishioners, thank you for your ongoing gifts, and particularly for your contributions this Christmas. Our prayer for you these days…is for hope, love, joy and peace.

The Finance Council:

Steve Heil, Susan Feeney, Jim Motherway, Kimberlee Phelan, and Joanie Sartorio