Finance Council

October 2021

A financial update —

To the parishioners of St. Charles Borromeo: 

Enclosed please find the summary — St. Charles Borromeo Financial Report 2021. This Report covers our financial results on the fiscal year basis, ended June 30.

As shown in the Financial Report, weekly collections are down by 3% from last year, and our Christmas and Easter collections are down as well.  These decreases continue a trend that is reflective of the changing demographics within our community.  Offsetting this, ‘Gifts, donations and memorial offerings’ increased by $45,000 in 2021.  About half of this increase is attributable to gifts from parishioners and friends, in honor and memory of loved ones who have recently passed away.

We achieved an expense reduction of $50,000 this year, which follows an expense reduction of almost $200,000 in the prior year. These reductions reflect careful cost management and lower ministries costs in 2021 attributable to the pandemic.

We are grateful for a $100,000 gift from the estate of a parishioner, and as well for one-time COVID contributions. Collectively, these non-recurring gifts represent the majority of our 2021 income.

We encourage parishioners to consider the lasting and loving impact of estate gifts for our parish.  The $100,000 we received this year, for example, will help to sustain our ministries in years to come.  Call our Parish Office if you have questions, or need assistance including St. Charles Borromeo (Tax ID #22-224685) in your estate plan.

We are grateful for the various ways that you financially support our parish, especially during these challenging times. Should you have any questions, please call the Parish Office at 609/466-0300 to be connected with a member of our Finance Council.

The St. Charles Borromeo Finance Council:

Steve Heil, Joe Darcy, Susan Feeney, Jimmy Motherway, Kimberlee Phelan, Joanie Sartorio, and David Trinkle