Finance Council


We hope this note finds you safe and well. These past weeks have been a challenging journey on so many different levels. We are praying for you!
Our purpose in writing is to provide an update regarding parish finances. Some of the Easter collection and April offertory arrived in the mail at the beginning of May. We have had a chance to analyze our current financial situation in order to present an accurate picture of it to you. 
In our review, we see the blessings received as well as the significant challenges we must face. 

We are grateful that the losses in our April collection were not what we feared they could be:

April Collections               2019                    2020
Offertory                           $41,303               $32,911
Faith Direct                       $43,362               $50,287
Total                                  $84,665               $83,198

We are blessed that many parishioners have made the commitment to mail in their envelopes or checks each week. Additionally we have seen an increase of parishioners using Faith Direct. In January there were 317 using the online program. Today, five months later, there are 402 users. 

However you choose to contribute, we are grateful. It is a blessing to know that our parishioners value this faith community, even when we are physically apart. 

We saw a loss in our Easter collection:
EASTER 2019:   $55,541                        EASTER 2020:  $42,525

DONATIONS: In the month of April we received a number of donations. Some of them were from parishioners who made a one-time donation in addition to their monthly offering. Other donations were from former parishioners who have been watching our YouTube channel. They still feel connected to the parish even though they live in other states. One donation was from a non-parishioner in New Jersey who came upon our YouTube Mass and felt encouraged by it. These donations total $53,360. We believe this is thanks to the hard work of our staff during this pandemic. These donations are a surprise and a blessing. In planning the path forward we must remember they are one-time contributions

As your Finance Council, we thank you. You are accepting your part in providing the resources needed to keep our parish vibrant during the pandemic and beyond. 

That brings us to the challenges we will face. We continue to monitor monthly expenses which although reduced, remain @$95,000 a month. We count on weekly/monthly collections to cover these expenses. The loan we received through the CARES Act has helped us meet our payroll, insurance and pension obligations. This money will carry us to the beginning of June. We remind our parishioners of the need to continue their financial support, monthly or weekly. One of our goals is to encourage all parishioners to do their part. Each contributes in a different way, given their abilities. It is not about the dollar amount, but the willingness to consistently contribute what we can. 

As Msgr. Malovetz mentioned in his FlockNote (5/15) the return to church will probably be in phases. This will involve sanitizing the church and complex after each Sunday and weekday Mass. This will mean the expense of supplies as well as compensating our maintenance staff. Additionally, we may not know until the end of summer what part of the PPP loan we will have to repay. These are a few of the new expenses that will need a consistent income each month. 

We do recognize that your financial situation may have changed. Know that we stand with you in prayer during these difficult times. There are practical, spiritual and mental health resources available. Please let us know if we can help by calling 609-466-0300 ext. 19. 

In June we will report to you again about the parish’s financial status. At that point we will have another month of collections, and can update you about the next steps. 

Again, we thank you. We are praying for you. We look forward to that day –hopefully soon—when we will see you again at church. 

Saint Charles Borromeo Finance Council 
Steve Heil, Susan Feeney, Joanie Sartorio, Kimberlee Phelan, Jim Motherway